Injection Moulding Project


This project completed for a university brief which was based on the technical aspects of injection moulding. The brief was to create a photo clip for a young child that could be manufactured with injection moulding and involved a short time frame from concept to completion. There were several constraints, including quantity and the given time period to produce the photo clip.


Industrial Designer


December, 2018 (2 Weeks)


Technical Understanding, Manufacturing Knowledge, Ideation, Development, Prototyping, 3D Modelling, Rendering


Individual Project

Technical Constraints

Injection Moulding

Extensive knowledge of split lines, draft, wall thickness and defects was required.


The brief stated that 800,000 parts should be manufactured by the end of the allocated 1 month time period.


The overall time period for manufacture, workers hours, machine purging and material changeover were given.


Optimising the cost was especially important due to the products' low sale value.

Ideation & Development

Several different concepts were explored before choosing the octopus design based on several factors including its suitability for the brief and target audience. This was then refined with the help of 3D printed models.


Manufacturing was considered in great detail, in both the design of the parts and the process. The fill time, cycle time, and tooling cost were optimised through careful consideration of material and runner type, platen size, and cavity number. Based on Polypropylene (PP) costing £748.60/ton, Orange Masterbatch costing £3.11/kg and a tooling cost of £18296.21, the production cost per part was calculated to be £0.12, with the machine operating 6 days/week.

Product Outcome

The final design is fun, approachable, manufacturable and affordable - highly suitable for its target market.