Muji Power Drill

Brand Study and Industrial Design Project


This project was in response to a brief set by my university. It involved designing and developing a cordless power drill for a brand chosen by myself – Muji. The brief was to ensure the power drill’s core functionality is similar to what is currently on the market, without sacrificing cosmetic quality. The product’s form had to make it easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for the chosen brand.

NOTE: This project was not done in partnership with Muji.


Industrial Designer


October - November, 2020 (4 Weeks)


Brand Research, Digital Sketching, Ideation, Development, Prototyping, 3D Modelling, Rendering


Individual Project


Muji represents the antithesis of consumerism. It is a global Japanese retail company selling a wide variety of household/consumer items, furniture, and clothing. The brands focus is on the product and its core functionality, with no unnecessary decoration or ornamentation. Muji effectively uses minimalism, which issuccessfully reflected in all its brand elements.

Simple & Minimal

Through its simple and minimal design language, Muji attracts large audiences, primarily Millenials. The “No brand, brand”.

Low Cost

Procuring materials directly from the source allows Muji to rationalise production costs, and provide products to consumers at an affordable price.

High Quality

Through careful material and manufacturing process selection, Muji’s products are high quality


Ideation & Development

Exploration of form and the positioning of key interaction points was explored through digital sketching. Upon feedback from the 'client' (tutor), elements from two concepts were combined, developed and refined.


The scale and position of key interaction points was tested through the creation of simple 2D models. This helped identify any changes required in order to optimise the product for its intended purpose. Based on these models, scale was tweaked until appropriate.

Product Outcome

The final product aims to make DIY simple, with a removeable 18V battery, reverse direction and torque selection dials, gear switch, chuck, trigger, battery indicator and cork grip, you have everything you need for the task at hand. Key interaction points are manufactured from overmoulded cork and heavily textured materials (PC-ABS and TPE), with the main body made from satin finished PC-ABS.


Powered by Muji

A deep grey (#333333) 18V removable battery powers the drill.

Simply Engineered

The main body is injection moulded with satin finished white PC-ABS. The cork overmould is incorporated using wood-filled injection moulding techniques. The drill is manufactured in two halves, with a vertical split. The reverse direction dial, torque selector, trigger and chuck are injection moulded separately with heavily textured PC-ABS. The gear switch is moulded from heavily textured TPE to aid interaction.