Georgina Wilson

Georgina Wilson

Product Designer

Hi, I'm Georgina, an Industrial Design student at The University of Nottingham passionate about pursuing a career in digital design.
Incoming Junior Product Designer at W12 Studios.


Over the last few years I have moved between Nottingham, Coventry, Newcastle (my home town) and back again. I am currently in my final year of university working from home - a unique experience with lots of video calls, Teams messages and nice housemates.


A few projects across industrial and UX/UI design.

Muji Power Drill
Industrial Design
BBC Engage
Industrial Design
Industrial Design
Current Project
I am currently working on my final year major project where I am looking into how technology can improve the experience of remote physiotherapy.


I have one year of industry experience working at a leading UK industrial design consultancy, where my passion for providing customers with a great experience continued to grow.

After university I plan to pursue a career in product design, where I hope to continue fulfilling the needs of users and find innovative ways to enhance the digital experience.

When I'm not designing, I enjoy baking, hiking in the countryside, snowboarding, and surfing whenever I'm by the sea!

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